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Dry Feet Due To Diabetes

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Occasionally patients who have diabetes will have trouble with their feet due to complications of severe. diabetes. Dry feet are prone to cracking and can lead to wound infections and pain. … Doc Viewer

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Due to the consequences of neuropathy, daily observation of the feet is critical. necessary precautions to prevent injury and keep their feet healthy. If you have diabetes and are Socks made of these materials help keep your feet dry. … Fetch Here

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People with diabetes are more likely to be hospitalised due to foot problems . than for any other reason. The longer you have diabetes and as you age your feet can Look at both feet and compare the size, colour and temperature. Wash feet every day and dry between the toes well. … Document Retrieval

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Uremia from kidney dysfunction, numbness of the hands and feet due to the local weather is very hot, so having a dry mouth and dry tongue is very common. Diagnosis: diabetes, high blood pressure due primary to diabetes, arteriosclerosis, … Retrieve Full Source

August 2002 DIABETIC FOOT CARE Diabetes can cause two problems that affect feet. Diabetic Neuropathy: Uncontrolled diabetes can circulation place a person at risk for developing gangrene (death of tissue due to If skin on feet is dry, keep it moist by applying lotion after washing and drying feet. … Return Doc

Diabetes is a condition in which your body is unable to properly use the sugars and This condition is a result of accumulation of ketones in the blood due to insufficient Dry feet carefully, especially between toes (pat dry and avoid rubbing). … Access Document

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COPD causes dependent edema due to an increase in pressure in the blood vessels inside the lungs. When you add gravity to the mix, you now have dependent edema as the fluid pools in your legs, ankles and feet. … Read Article

Diabetic Neuropathy: Uncontrolled diabetes can damage the nerves. If nerves in feet place a person at risk for developing gangrene (death of tissue due to lack of Allow feet to dry thoroughly before putting on clean socks and shoes. … Read More

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Xerosis (dry skin). This is the most common cause, frequently seen in the winter and also associated Diabetes Mellitus. Hyperparathyroidism; Iron deficiency anemia. Polycythemia, which can cause generalized itching due to increased histamine. … Read Article

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Completely dry your feet after washing and pay special attention to drying • Cold to the touch due to a lack of blood circulation Diabetes and the Feet . If you’re among the close to 21 million Americans that have diabetes, even minor or … Read Document

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The best way to control foot odor is to keep feet as dry as possible. is someone who needs to change socks often or who goes through shoes frequently due to Treat Your Feet Right – Diabetes; The Scoop on Sweat and Body Odor … Read Article

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Nerve damage due to diabetes also makes you less likely to feel pain. If the Inspect your feet and skin daily. Look for the following signs: • red spots • dry skin … Fetch Full Source